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Opinionated Tissue Box Opinionated Tissue Box ____

A tissue box with an opinion

Hangboard Hangboard ____

An above the door hangboard setup

Strobe Doorbell Strobe Doorbell ____

A strobe light modified to indicate someone is at the door

Puzzle Box Puzzle Box ____

A gift enclosure for the puzzle enthusiast

Pipe Bookcase Pipe Bookcase ____

A metal pipe and wooden board bookcase

Discreet Text Alarm System Discreet Text Alarm System ____

A silent alarm system that texts you of intruders

Mobile Whiteboard Ikea Hack: Mobile Whiteboard ____

A whiteboard on wheels

Moonlighting Lamp Moonlighting Lamp ____

A glorified nightlight that changes brightness based on proximity

eMessage in a Bottle eMessage in a Bottle ____

A voice recorded message in a bottle

Ice Cream Cone Planter Ice Cream Cone Planter ____

A delicious planter for your plant

Articulating Camera Mount Ikea Hack: Articulating Camera Mount ____

A handy camera mount for desktop shooting