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Floating, I prefer to use a Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) while most friends use an innertube. As the only one with a paddle, I'm responsible for collecting my friends and keeping them together. It's like herding cats. As soon as I group them together the white water tears them apart. Introducing the Friendcatcher. This allows friends to quickly connect/disconnect on their own. There's no question who connects to who or how do I connect. It's all intuitive. A normal flow of operation might look like the below.

  1. On the river, load up the Friendcatcher with your communal cooler.
  2. Connect all passenger tubes in a circle around Friendcatcher and ship out.
  3. White water approaching, everyone disconnects from Friendcatcher leaving it to fend for itself.
  4. Danger past, everyone reconnects to Friendcatcher.
  5. If there's a blow out and we're down a tube, Friendcatcher can serve as an emergency floatation device.

Step 1: Materials + Tools



Step 2: Inflate

Inflate the tube. Easy enough. The tube will act as scaffolding for the net to be built around.


Step 3: Prep the Net

Get the net started by following the below video. The finished length of one row of knots should equal the circumference of the tube's opening, about 5.5 ft. Keep in mind that each knot reduces the length of the rope, so add a few inches. After at least one row of triangles, move on to the next step.

Step 4: Integrate the Net

Place the top of the net around the tube's opening, tying both ends together. Begin varying the spacing of the diamond pattern to accommodate the tube's surface. I.e. the diamond pattern should grow in size as the net grows outward. Once you've made your way around the tube, connect the ends by threading the loose ropes through the knots that once made up the top of the net.


Continue the pattern inward to form the base of the tube. Cut a 2ft length of rope and tie the ends together. This will form your center ring. Connect the pattern to the ring with the same knots you used at the top of the net.


Step 5: Clean it Up

Add carabiners to the outer perimeter. The number of friends you're allowed is only limited by the number of carabiners you have. I'm allowed 14 friends!


Cut any loose ends and the melt any loose strands. I also melted the knots together so they wouldn't come undone.


Step 6: Enjoy!

Invite friends, family, enemies; the river has no capacity limit.


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