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Ice Cream Cone Planter

Feb 2nd, 2015

Ice Cream Cone Planter

Yes, I know the Ice Cream Cone Planter is a simple project and I'm clearly no artist but I'm sure you get the point. I'm just surprised I haven't seen this anywhere before.

Step 1: Materials + Tools




Step 2: Paint the Tray

The large sheet of paper is just so you don't get paint and dirt all over the place. I started by painting the tray white so it looks more like chinaware. Set it aside and let it dry.


Step 3: Make the Waffle Pattern

Use the pencil to sketch a waffle pattern on the pot. Don't worry if your waffle sketch doesn't line up perfectly. Just like a real waffle folded over on itself, it's not supposed to! Mix brown and white paint to get a lighter brown. My brown turned out more of a grey. Don't be me. Paint over your waffle sketch and let it dry.

Waffle Sketch

Waffle Painted On

Step 4: Add Fudge and Sprinkles

Use brown paint to add some fudge on top. Let it dry for a little bit before adding the sprinkles. Yes, blue and yellow do mix to form green.



Step 5: Put a Plant in it

Use a glove if you're transplanting a cactus. Carefully remove dirt from the base to achieve the proper fit.


Step 6: Enjoy But Don't Lick