Feb. 7, 2021 |  Author: Nic La |  Categories:  diy   tutorial   rock climbing  

Hangboard, for the serious rock climber only. I say this because the hangboard is a tool best eased into and built on with time. Ignoring the risks can mean certain injury. Still, when used correctly, hangboarding can be a valuable tool for the rock climber seeking continuous improvment. Isn't that what rock climbing is all about? That said, here's a bunch more warnings. ...

Hello World

Feb. 6, 2021 |  Author: Nic La |  Categories:  diy  

Hello World! Welcome to Sake of Making Blog. Sake of Making Blog is a source of do-it-yourself (DIY) projects and maker related posts. All projects are intended to educate and inspire. After trying a project for yourself, you'll not only have learned a new skill but you'll be thinking "I can make it better." It is with this newfound knowledge and inspiration that I know you will make it better. ...