Functional Art

March 13, 2021 |  Author: Nic La |  Tags:  diy   rock climbing   woodwork   3d printing   bike  

Functional Art is something you hang on your wall that has more than visual appeal; it has function. What has more function than tools of the trade? Whether you're a musician, athlete, maker, artist, etc., tools of your trade will look great on the wall. Plus, mounting tools on your wall will let others know how awesome you are at rock climbing. Below are some of my favorite tools to hang on the wall with some references to help get you started.

The Musician

I dabbled in the bass. Who didn't? A floor stand takes up too much real estate, but the wall is vast. Hercules Grips provide a little more security than your typical wall hook. An even more underutilized space than a wall is the side of a bookcase. I give you the Hercules Grip Bookend.

Bass Guitar Book End

The Athlete

Hercules Grips are great for more than just musical instruments.

Ice Axe Kayak Paddle

A painting takes a nail but a bike requires a little more effort. I found two 3D printed mounts that best suited my bike: one for the handlebar and one for the tires.


Rock climbing is my thing. To make this obvious, I mounted a hangboard above my bedroom door. Here's a recent project describing how.


The Maker

One day my tools will reside on a peg board for all to see. For now, I'm making use of these quick access Fastenal cubbies.

Fastenal Cubbies

Hanging your creations doesn't hurt.


The Artist

Don't get me wrong, I hang paintings on my wall too. Artwork by Josh LaJeunesse.


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